Friday, November 12, 2010

Candy Themed Birthday Party

Lollipop Invites I made for my Daughters Birthdays, I got this inspiration
 from Project Nursery, So Mad Credit goes out to Kim.

 I added Magnets on the back of each Invitation so
 that way it could be placed on the refrigerator for reminders

                                   Party information were added onto the
                                    tags instead of on the lollipop, The Card Stock 
                                              was also spray painted with glitter.

Rainbow Cupcakes Please

                                              Giant Gummy Bears as Prizes

Giant Candy decoration, Inspiration from
Stem Parties, So Mad Credit goes out to Amy

                                                         Center Pieces

Giant Candy Decorations Hanging on the window

The Candy Buffet 

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  1. oh my gosh this party looked great. i loved your candies hanging in the window. my, my,my mae, never knew you were so crafty. love it. one of my fav craft blogs is , what about orange. check it out whenever you get the chance.