Saturday, November 13, 2010

To Sum it all up......

MOMMY 2 JOSIAH, AVERY, NADINE, & SERGIO JR., WIFE, Friend, Tattoos‘,  Scrap Booking, COOKING, Beef Stew smothered over rice mmmmmmmmmm, Jesus, Venti White Chocolate Mocha from Star Bucks(DROOLING as I type), cumin, Converse, Black Crocs, Crafts, Eating Sesmark Sesame Crackers with Gouda and Turkey Slices, Photography , Modern Art, CUPCAKES, My black bracelet on my left hand never taken off since 99, ROYGBIV, Pinky Toast, Waking up in the Morning and stretching, Lumpias with my garlic vinegar dip, Filipino food, hoodies, Short Nails, My Canon PowerShot SD750 Digital ELPH Camera, Playing board games with my kiddos, Pritts and Sugarrs, Making sure I get the last punch when me and Sergio play around, Hiding in closets and scaring Sergio, anything Mini, Multitasking, Telling Nadine to make mean faces, High fives, Harvey’s seat belt bags. Homemade gifts, VOSS, Being Faithful, Cut BDUs, Shrimp Chips, Avocado Shakes, California Rolls with wasabi, Kikkoman and ginger, Baking, My Ohana, Sanuks, Owls, Saving my kids drawings, Sweeping 3 times a day, Grilling with the Fam Bam and Friends, Pinacbet man the way my mom makes that bad boy…. Good lord kanak attack and da itchy moutttt!, Nick Names, Teaching Josiah how to wash his clothes, hour talks with the friends, Mermaids, Hearts, Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwich with a side of pickle, Inside Jokes, HAWAII, fish Sauce, Aji no Moto, Crossword Puzzles, Mah Jong, Going to the Park with the kiddos, Listening to Josiah and Avery bicker, Hearing I love you from my kids, Honus, Being ashy then getting a nice coat of lotion, Small Backpacks, Cracked Wheat Bread, Pine sol and Clorox for cleaning, Yard sales, Any thing Vintage,Anthony Bourdain No Reservations, Milk with ice, Taking random pictures cause only we know what the meaning too it is, Tea with milk my fav just like Eva does, Forgetting about my coffee on the counter, Forever in my heart Antonio R. Mendoza Sr. getting advice, and giving, Army, Using a measuring cup to drink from, Collecting Box Tops for my kids school, Bitter melon, Cesar Salads, Dolphins, PHO, Shakin my Hips from side to side, Singing like I should have been on American Idol, Keeping promises, Laughing, Vitamins, Pumpkin potion from Sexy Hair, Being Faithful to my hubby, Squid Whisk, Bentos, Zippys, Germains Rainbow cake, Guava Jelly, Holding hands, Cleaning my ear with a q-tip, H20, 808, 143, and 823’s, Not too much Make-up or none at all, Slippahs, Hot Coco, Flippas, cause it’s a hair flip thing. Chris Crocker, Spam Musubi, Kitchen Nightmares, Day Dreaming, Praying, Carnivals, Sitting on counters, Festivals, shooting stars, ghost stories, Toe Socks, reminiscing, Laughing cause your laughing-laughing, Hummingbirds & da beses You kno Dats.

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